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Establishing business relations. 建立贸易关系

March 25, 2005
Dear Sirs,

We have come to know the name of your firm and take the pleasure of addressing this letter to you with the hope of establishing business relations with you.
We are specialized in the exportation of Chinese chemicals and pharmaceuticals which have enjoyed great popularity in world markets. We enclose a copy of our catalog for your reference and hope that you would contact us if any item is of interest to you.
Faithfully yours,



March 30, 2005
Dear Sirs,
We have received with thanks your letter dated March 25, 2005 and wish to extend you our warm welcome for your desire to establish business contacts with us.
We are a state-operated enterprise, and wish to carry on trade with manufacturers and merchants of all countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit for the development of commercial relations with the people of different nations.
In compliance with your request, we are enclosing herewith our catalog and a range of pamphlets for your guidance.
If you find any of the articles illustrated in the pamphlets of interest, please let us have your specific enquires so as to enable us to send you our quotations.
Yours faithfully,


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